Vasilisk Gnedov (1890-1978)

Translated by Emilia Loseva and Danny Winkler

Dedicated to those who are deaf and blind

Tears dropple off rowantreems lo—  

Horsanna grinning in undersleeve,

Fall you all silent impious scoffoul—

With my eyes I painted my brain's hem,

With the beasts drunk hawkry honk-honk—

My foot through the sun splashes plonk.

Rolls down the steep slope the crutch of the middle

Unwaitedly yellow are mop-headed leaps,

Dived by its tail is the plague graveyard

The mare's greyhair beats at the temples

Eating shale's tongs the torchered weeps

And the mountains raised heigh their ars rerd.

Little wing father pebble of sorrow—

Snitched the rainbow of an eye,

I wear out the leaper of the steel finger

It will jump back into my sleeve

And the berry of the sentry no painsounds

I am riding over the stale mounds.