Ethel seeks poetry, art, micro-fiction, micro-plays, micro-essays, personal essays,

paragraphs from your thesis, prophesies, lists of facts,

letters of protest, diagnoses, letters to the editor,

lists of baked goods seen at the local Socialist bake sale,

album reviews, book reviews, translations,

difficult math equations that you have solved,

drawings of miniature dresses

and so on.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Submit to Ethel Zine:

Send up to five pieces of writing and/or art


with Zine Submission in the Subject line.

Submit a Chapbook:  

Send anywhere from 10-28 pages of writing and/or art


with Chapbook Submission in the subject line.

Submit a Mini-Book:  

Send up to 15 miniature pages of miniature writing/art


with Mini-Book Submission in the subject line.