Shana Hutchings


“Can you tell us what you don’t forget about that night?”  Senator Klobuchar asked.
“The stairwell.  The living room.  The bedroom.” Dr Ford answered.

What don’t I forget?  I asked myself immediately.
The maroon sheets.  School colors, he said, laughing.
Muppet Babies on his TV.  Kid shows are the best, he said, laughing.

Snow dripping from the birch tree outside his open window.  Sounds like
he said, laughing.

My dad’s basketball shorts.  Navy blue with white stripes.  Cool shorts,
he said, laughing.

Rhythm is a Dancer playing on the radio in his car.  I hate this song, he
said, laughing.

You’re going to make David very happy, he said, laughing. 

“The laughter, the uproarious laughter.” 

“Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter.”