Anthony Cappo

Walter S.

Deposition, September 8, 2o15, Olympia, Washington

I used to like to work in the garden.
That was one of my main deals, is working
in the garden, and I can’t do that anymore.
Anyway, shoot. I don’t know what to tell you.
I had a lot of things we did together
that we can’t do now. It’s different.
Life is different when you’re dying.

I know I’m funny, but I’m not trying to be.
And I’d love everybody around me,
but I can’t do a thing
about coming back. I’ve got to go
and I know it.

My wife does everything for me. She’s
unbelievable. Unless I have her,
then I've got to call in hospice,
and I don’t want to do that unless
I absolutely have to, because
they keep shoving pain pills down me.
And I don’t necessarily want to feel better.
I just want to be loved. That’s all.