Baub OneGod Bidon


A born struggle, fisting to breathe
eyes closed, wet, wrinkled skin,
shine like leather
landing on earth, her first words
thirst for questions, speaking in tears
torn down by gravity, each fall taught her to balance
one foot after the other, not afraid to keep on trying
keeps on climbing, feet and knees
on staircase, she conquers her way
up this household cliff
scribbles, on paper, ABC’s in Crayola, out of order
she colors outside borders, taught keep it in the box
plays in sandbox, sox,
dirty hands make mud pies

years fly, like a jet landing
shoelace tied
pledges allegiance, follow Ramadan
ash Wednesdays, religion gates, open
taught to keep her legs crossed like a lynching,
girls wear dresses,
act like a lady, don’t talk with your mouth full
speak when spoken to
honor thy husband, refer to god as him
keep the house clean, cook dinner
wash clothes, do not question what the eye sees
they did not program your mind to think…
to be independent

somehow she lost her way, forgot her fist
left it with her self-esteem, on a weight watch billboard
swallowed by the mouth of slim-fast
hides her beauty in paint, dresses the speak in her lips
exposes her hips, tighten the fabric
shorten the skirt, heighten the heels
martini and cleavage…
bare more breast, show more chest
more skin, make it look wet
make them want sex,
make them forget the woman under the paint
hiding underneath her eye-shadow
become the woman these men built,
fulfill their billboard fantasies, kill your identity in their magazines
besides, it was written in their sacred pages
pointing fingers at eve, covered her with leaves,
cover it with a weave, who gave her the right to be naked
accepted misogyny, politicians quote scriptures
men made these laws, busted her jaw
on a campaign trail, the flag raped her
on a pole, waving
since her conception as a daughter
a wrinkled child, like wet leather

closest thing to God like
her fight, bigger than struggle
heart stronger than a man’s fist
beauty embraces her skin, like love
she is what the books haven’t the words to speak
her =tongue spoke sun into existence,
she is the unsung, hidden figure,
what strength, warrior
and made in her image looks like…
she is woman